I’m free…   1 comment

Here i am, so far away from home, feeling safer than i did there… after a long long time, there is a sense of freedom… and maybe its the effect of the country i am in…

My prayers are answered just by being here… and in some other unexpected ways too…

this city is indeed a paradise…as long as u can get over the initial embarrasment of not being able to speak… or communicating thru signs… and i cant even put emoticons on this german keyboard cos i dont have the english one in my head nemore!!!

i even found the kinda company i was always searching for… the companion who does indeed talk the talk and for the better part of it, walk the walk too!

…and he is not even interested in me, thus saving me from the men-phobia i seem to be carrying with me all the time… he belongs to a caste that i have strived to wall meself from(if that’s even a figure of speech!) and that makes it lesser complicated still… and i wonder why i hear God smirking at me, rather evilly if i may say Mon Cheri Diu, that everything has turned out the way i have prayed it to, thus making me realise, that if i pray this hard, i am trying to be God, n i cant beat Him… as if i was trying to… which i realised i was, by trying to push things my way…

i shan’t pray for things to happen now…  shall pray though for the people i keep getting blessed with…. like my dear dear friend whom im missing right now… like the soulmate of my family member who has turned out to be right from my shoulder to cry on, to my backbone…to my friend here who led me to the chapel of HB station…

God bless us all… as i seek peace and solace in ironing my clothes, and cooking after an exhausting day…

i m free from complexity for a while… i m free…for sometime…

Posted March 28, 2007 by Deepti G Gujar in articles

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  1. Happy for you, but not at all happy for myself…. I really miss talking to you n meeting u for whatever reasons it may be.. our omlette party, or mochas, or MG or books, java, etc etc..

    Yr leaving Pune has created a big void in me.. I need to talk to someone but u no longer r here, to listen n be a part of it..

    sorry for cribbing n sulking but i hv every right to coz I miss my Angel 😦

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