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L’Esprit   3 comments

Deep empty space…
Vast and infinite,
Miles of aisles…
Long and endless
Ripples of silence…
Arms in ballet,
A thought of you… a thought of me
Wandering across this landscape.
The crazy, dry wind
Blowing a gale…
Yellow sunny fields,
Colliding into the hills
The tourmaline sea…
Gentling into the sky…
Happy purple hibiscus,
Tucked snugly in my hair…
A world of memories…
Drumming my heart in a locket.
White clouds of thoughts
Drifting lanterns without a thread,
Waves of empty vacance,
Sing solitude to my ears,
The dance of the peacocks
Splendidly quiet in the rains,
The sweet love of existence,
Wielding colors from my palette
Your watchful gaze on me…
The unborn Universe of a child
Our fingers intertwined…
Leaves meshed in a vine,
Your innocent surrender
peace inching  closer…
The mirrors of faces…
exploding butterflies
the Spirit set free.


Posted May 25, 2010 by Deepti G Gujar in nouvelles poèmes

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