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Deepti Gujar

Deepti Gujar is a woman who wears many hats – she spends a lot of time pursuing her creative side ~ singing which she has been learning since the age of five under the influence of her dad who is a violinist ~ writing in many forms including poetry, songwriting, travelogues, website/brochure contents, short stories and therapeutic writing ~ pursuing dancing, having learnt Bharatnatyam as a child, as well as learning Salsa ~ traveling the world, even if it is by sitting in the comfort of home listening to world music, or indulging her passion for languages by listening to French songs, watching German films to perfect German, picking up Italian phrases from an Anglo-Italian biography, trekking to the wilderness of the nearby mountains, or simply lapping up a Lonely Planet guide!

In addition to this, she is also an active therapist/avid spiritualist with a deep interest in human psychology and Consciousness, who loves taking past life regression therapy sessions, Inner Child Work sessions, conducting ‘anapanasati’ Meditation sessions and Rebirthing-Breathwork sessions under her own center called CRÈA(CReating Enlightened Awakenings) for various people during weekends. She also actively practices Power Yoga. Very recently she was also the production manager for Lesle Lewis for the musical show Coke Studio at MTV in India. Connecting to people comes naturally to her and connecting people to each other is what brings her utmost joy, helping them find the true voice of their Soul, which has led her into organizing workshops for wonderful people who have been her spiritual teachers at some point in time, ALL with the Intention of ENJOYING the very best of Life. 

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

I have a dream
a tiny one really
of walking down the street
and happy faces to greet
For this I work everyday
at my home, at my workplace
going arm to arm
by working one by one
to open someone’s heart
without surgery or violence
and the power of Love instead.

See I felt destitute
and I felt lonely
I also felt I was the only
one to feel unloved.
My eyes were closed
that it’s a reality I chose
until a Master came along
to help me figure out my song
Then I renewed my beginnings
and awakened the little birds of hope
that had given up twittering for me so long ago.
I arose with a new dawn
and as gently as a swan
let myself be guided
by the currents of faith
that could build bridges
across the waterfalls
of god’s grace.

I have a dream
tiny, it really is
of gazing into everyone’s eyes
mirroring love for this life.
For this I work everyday
through words…through silence
going from strength to strength
by healing and opening myself
and to clean my heart
with praise instead of blame
embracing Love in every way.

See I had a choice
to accept or to resist
and I learnt this is a victory
that I can daily receive.
Every moment I learn
to be aware of
el nacimiento solitario
that lights up this universe
in a flow of
grandes éxitos.
Life is easy
if one would only feel
because we are all waiting
at the edge of realities
You could see a lotus
or choose to see a desert
it’s just a seed called Now
that is given to all of us.

I have a dream
magical it surely is!
of big and tiny miracles
of forgiving and letting go.
For this I wake up alive
to be a channel of the divine
going from moment to moment
being my best form of contentment
enjoying this journey of ordinary
where even smiles carry blessings
in a world that is quietly awakening
to alternative destinies only Love can bring.

Posted August 27, 2009 by Deepti G Gujar

5 responses to “About Deepti G Gujar

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  1. Very nice one, Deepti! Amazing….
    Wishing that all your tiny dreams come true mirroring love and only love now,forever and everywhere.

  2. Wonderful Deepti, My hat’s off to the Woman who wears many Hats!!!

  3. really great deepti, you inspired me today

  4. its truly a divine and enlighting one and also magical as if divine is speaking to the world through you

  5. Very nice to “meet” you! Sounds like you wear all of your many hats joyfully and well 🙂

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