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You compel me to write

a song without words

a melody that sears

in unspoken of memories

to move me beyond my thoughts

to give my dreams flight

hidden splendors of my desires

that were secret from my own self

expelling their radiance

wishing to be revealed

whether i can contain myself

in them or not

is as yet, left for me to see.


As I near the temple

I am already scared…

scared of the knowingness of how overpowering your fragrance is

scared of the innocence that the light in your eyes reveal

scared of the nothingness of the resonance of your voice that renders me blind and awake,

all at one,

i am seeking as much as I am found

flowing like a river,

rising as high as a cloud,

as I reach deep underground

hoping to catch my breath

but there is no time, no space

no devices made yet to gauge this place

except the mad throbbing of the heart

that suspends me a little more alert, a little more aware

and I close my eyes to your crushing gentleness

that threatens to sweep me away

trying to give up all that I am trying to save

and sensing my weakness

I feel you recede

only to flutter my eyes wide

and find the lack of you all around

realizing that i was still at the temple gate.

Posted June 6, 2011 by Deepti G Gujar in nouvelles poèmes, Rubaiyat

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