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Looking for light   1 comment

there’s a mountain of grief
separating you from me
not because you have hurt me
but because i carry a baggage so heavy

i would like to bring you light
but when i look within i see nothing
but hallways of silence gathering dust
there are no pleasant memories

i am at these crossroads
waiting to embrace even a flicker
if only i could find that face,
that holds that shine…

in you i see my face breathing tomorrow
a life free from past sorrow
held by your soft hands filled with grace
beyond the heart breaks

time ticks its way in my head
i’ve come a long, long way
kicking my feet in the dust
i am gathering all my courage, asking
is light what I really wanted…

Posted July 23, 2012 by Deepti G Gujar in nouvelles poèmes, Rubaiyat

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Across   Leave a comment

“across the ‘I’ is attention and presence
one seeking the other
across the wall were you and me
one watching another
across the breath were life and eternity
one manifesting another
across the purdah were a child and the Master
both calling out to each other”


-Thank You CK

Posted September 30, 2011 by Deepti G Gujar in nouvelles poèmes, Rubaiyat

You   1 comment

you gave me space
as vast as the sky
that i would never seek
to own a single cloud

you gave me oneness
as moisture in the earth
that i may never seek to
be aware of the distinction.

you made me feel gentleness
as strong as the sun
that i would never question
the onset of dawn

you made me hear
the musicians of silence
that i may never question
their presence in noise

you showed me love
as still as existence
that time became inconsequent
to bring it up in a memory
or beckon in a dream

you told me “be in love”
then showed me i already was
i thought it meant ‘be all alone’
until you showed how easy it is
to open my hands and let the love flow


~thank you CK

Posted September 29, 2011 by Deepti G Gujar in nouvelles poèmes, Rubaiyat

Of Grace   2 comments

“Just by you being You,
I became whole”

~ * ~

“When I am awake
the most beautiful people walk this planet”

~ * ~

“Hold your thoughts lightly
says he, pointing to grace”

~ * ~

“When you are in Love,
time is no more”

“Like a flowing river,
I am in touch with all the rocks
That engender me with a sweet melody”

~ * ~

“‘Give me my time’, I told him
‘Give me your hand’, he replied”

~ * ~

“As he held my hand,
he emptied them
until there was only grace”

~ * ~

“Like a child I whimpered,
like a father he held…
and promised to be there
even when I had the strength
…even when I had flown away”

~ * ~

“He could’ve stayed for hours
and let me be…
mingling with my darkness…
discovering that it led to sunshine”

~ * ~

“He taught me that moving on
is being perfectly still…
that the past can be carried
lightly on the wings
And the future can be obsolete
when you are a gift
That time is nothing
When you are in love,
There is nowhere to go…
…when you are here”

~ * ~

“You have all the light,
I could contain in my soul…
You are all the gratitude
that makes me whole”

“In me I found –
A child reborn
A joy that whispers songs of life
A oneness without any doing
A father infinitely wise
– in you I found
A child eternal
A joy that is life
A oneness beyond being
A father who is the mother”

~ * ~

“When the thread of awareness crosses the eye of suffering
Grace is the fabric sown,
which can be seen only when the invisible is known”

~ * ~

~ Thank You CK for holding me in your gentle Grace

Posted September 29, 2011 by Deepti G Gujar in nouvelles poèmes, Rubaiyat

Still waiting   2 comments

You compel me to write

a song without words

a melody that sears

in unspoken of memories

to move me beyond my thoughts

to give my dreams flight

hidden splendors of my desires

that were secret from my own self

expelling their radiance

wishing to be revealed

whether i can contain myself

in them or not

is as yet, left for me to see.


As I near the temple

I am already scared…

scared of the knowingness of how overpowering your fragrance is

scared of the innocence that the light in your eyes reveal

scared of the nothingness of the resonance of your voice that renders me blind and awake,

all at one,

i am seeking as much as I am found

flowing like a river,

rising as high as a cloud,

as I reach deep underground

hoping to catch my breath

but there is no time, no space

no devices made yet to gauge this place

except the mad throbbing of the heart

that suspends me a little more alert, a little more aware

and I close my eyes to your crushing gentleness

that threatens to sweep me away

trying to give up all that I am trying to save

and sensing my weakness

I feel you recede

only to flutter my eyes wide

and find the lack of you all around

realizing that i was still at the temple gate.

Posted June 6, 2011 by Deepti G Gujar in nouvelles poèmes, Rubaiyat

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Surrendering   Leave a comment


The abundant one

That pours desires in me

Like an empty palette

I contain some, overflow others,

Waiting for a paintbrush to strike,

That I may atlast feel emptied

into the creation

That is all you.

Opening the window

I let the vision flood in

of the infinite vastness

of your being

that incenses my body

which loses its rigidity

and merges into the air

leaving its light jasmine fragrance

leaving me with just the music

of my veins

played to the pleasures

you are composing of me.

Surrendered you are…

surrendered I am…

then who is playing this beautiful music

that is pulling you and me

apart from our spaces

and creating a well of beauty;

Something extraordinary, unknown

to any of us,

and how are we listening

to the music within

without ears or taste

too early to be formed

into human or being.

Stepping into the cave,

an ancient one,

the infinite of your being rises up the walls

and i,

the child “i” is,

is just standing tiny,

in astonished gaze,

of one so infinite that can contain

the sky in its belly,

and yet owns a smile

all, only for me,

and all i has to do,

is turn around,

and let it shine through,

except that i does not know

where the mouth opens its vast embrace

to the world.

Swept ashore, a morning comes quiet

putting to sleep all in its wake

as it paints a fruitful sky

flourishing with its colors

to bring new light

to a world that matters

only to the one, solitudinal being

that it has cast upon its body,

awake and breathing,

burning bright in its dreams,

to paint this landscape,

in one stroke of its nude beauty.

Posted June 2, 2011 by Deepti G Gujar in nouvelles poèmes, Rubaiyat