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I wake up every morning huddled like a child
Though my heart has healed of longingness
And I see it wearing the signs
As it watches prospective lovers pass by

A voice calls softly in the dark stillness
It seems to come from beneath the layers I’ve shed
It’s time I lost all memory of you, it’s time to give up
And run unabashed to the man you’ve become

Encrusted by space is a desire to share
Just walking between fields of blooming dreams
Forgive me love, for I took the long road home…
That seems to intertwine across your comfort zone

Open expanses of turquoise…
I desire to be in those eyes
Just a tiny existence of pure white
Floating above your Universe now in sight

They taught me rules, the language of bonds
But I learnt freedom could never be bought
It took me a while to get this life right
Here I am barenaked, asking for you to join

Spoons and cups wake me softly to your form
Your perfume in the sheets stirs my body awake at dawn
‘Youness’ settles with the raindrops soaking the hallway floor
As our senses sink gently into the forgiven warmth of home

Posted November 24, 2009 by Deepti G Gujar in nouvelles poèmes

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