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Sweetness of Life   2 comments


Dear sweetness of life

Whispering to me as I walk by

Pirouettes of memories

held by my silent mind

Yet this insane urge

to break through it all

Keeps me coming back

to discover your true face


Shadows come by…

Cowering with fear

I somehow get by

But yet in those moments

When I am still

Dissolving like warm vapor

In the cool morning breeze

I find a strength no one talks about

To transform it all

Into a glittering pool of light


Rainbows here and a balloon of a cloud

Held together as strings

with the body of a fiddle

Playing a harmony I’ve often heard

But a new version that realigns

A different semantic everytime

“Yes I’m coming back”,

I hear me say, to a lover left behind…


It’s his presence

In an infinite mind

that holds a wide space…

Now a tidal wave splashes all across

To leave me only emptiness –

with a speck of his love

To dot the landscape

And as I watch…

It was just a gaze settled humbly

Oh the sweetness of life…

Beckoning me from the other side.

Posted September 10, 2011 by Deepti G Gujar in nouvelles poèmes

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Reunited   2 comments

~ An old man’s love story…

The cool breeze stirs me awake at midnight
There’s just me and the pigeons quivering on the branches outside
The leaves whisper among themselves too absorbed
To notice my silent gaze of love held by your picture on the wall

A kiss is now just a musing on an empty easel
For a heart grown old as Jesus in a cathedral
Now I can fathom sweet love of distant memories
Doesn’t take a philosopher to admire the moon rippling on the lake anymore

Butterflies chase each other across a demure meadow
As bees suckle the idle flower bossoms
I’m just a spectator with a youth forgotten
Lost in this serenade that’s moved beyond my ears

The evening has soaked itself
Like the cork in my old wine bottle
In the mouldy comforts of the rains
That’s preserved for these tranquil moments
When all I do is watch me turn mellow
As the autumn does…from gold to yellow

Thoughts just gently slide..
Like tips to young Johnny at the bar a tired Friday night
I laugh inwardly at my private joke…
I’m left favored by the very love that left the man next to me broke
As I finger her fading smile in my wallet
My heartstrings tug in that disconcerting way
Rousing a teardrop that longs to run astray

It’s not too late they say now
To walk away to that bridge across forever
All I have to do is leave my spirit to wander
And wait for it to surrender…

The angels comfort me quietly passing by
As I gaze at the stars fade away in the morning sky
As the doves preen their feathers in the dew
I pray I be reunited forever with you

Posted November 30, 2009 by Deepti G Gujar in nouvelles poèmes

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Youness   2 comments

I wake up every morning huddled like a child
Though my heart has healed of longingness
And I see it wearing the signs
As it watches prospective lovers pass by

A voice calls softly in the dark stillness
It seems to come from beneath the layers I’ve shed
It’s time I lost all memory of you, it’s time to give up
And run unabashed to the man you’ve become

Encrusted by space is a desire to share
Just walking between fields of blooming dreams
Forgive me love, for I took the long road home…
That seems to intertwine across your comfort zone

Open expanses of turquoise…
I desire to be in those eyes
Just a tiny existence of pure white
Floating above your Universe now in sight

They taught me rules, the language of bonds
But I learnt freedom could never be bought
It took me a while to get this life right
Here I am barenaked, asking for you to join

Spoons and cups wake me softly to your form
Your perfume in the sheets stirs my body awake at dawn
‘Youness’ settles with the raindrops soaking the hallway floor
As our senses sink gently into the forgiven warmth of home

Posted November 24, 2009 by Deepti G Gujar in nouvelles poèmes

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Le Prophet ~ Sting   Leave a comment

Anklets of gold à prostituée les sables { solicited to the sands}
Walked as they were past the empty dunes whispering
The eternity is set still in silence
As the cosmic dust arrives to take shape

Feetless forms make way under the milky twilight
As formless spirits gather in spaceless terrains
They gathered in the shadow of the Tigris
To create you with languages beyond silence

The sylphs hung low in the desert air
Alongside the swirling beings of light
While across time the town lay blinded in zombie dreams
As the omniscient sufis whirled in celebration

Thus they created a soul to be caged
In the darkness of the karmic blades
They seared his heart with love’s pain
Enslaving him to desires of the wise

Rise! Oh dear Prophet!
For you have been burned to the stake
For the wisdom you have been christened with
You have walked on waters of faith
When the foolish kings lost their ways
You have wielded miracles from stones
When as the erudite witch you were raped

Now the time is right for you to sing
Across the moors of violets the Creators wait
As the endless gaze from the stars torture you
With recollections of your infinite grace

Let the splendour of the yonder realms
Leave you gasping for more of this divine ecstasy
As you daze the world with your lyrical delirium
Thrusting into submission the hollows of ignorant minds

Weep as you bleed your illusions now
And set ablaze the sacred pyres of oneness
To burn your masks that have blinded you
To clearly see beyond those crawling into perceptions

Oh Messiah wake up Now!
For you are as old as the moon and Saturn
A shining star that is now on earth transcending
The love in your heart is opening up galaxies

In the earthly span of this minute
As stardust kisses your forehead, be prepared
For the floodgates of the mystical worlds to open
Washing away ruins of religion in the rippling throes of orgasmic bliss.

~ Dedicated to Sting – one who speaks in the most ancient language of the Universe through his prophetic lyrics and music…

Sting...the one and only

Posted November 15, 2009 by Deepti G Gujar in nouvelles poèmes

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Nocturne   Leave a comment

~ Inspired by Chopin’s “Nocturne”…as rendered by Joshua Bell


My world turns as slowly
as the ebb and fall of your chest
A dove flutters to the window
I watch her as I lay next to you
Just as she watches me across the glass
I wonder…
if I could see the world with only one view
…as she does
Would I still view it as complete
…as she does?
Would I be as content with it
…as she is?
If I saw two different perspectives
which merge in the darkness that lies between my eyes
Would I still be as peaceful
…as she is?

The truth runs across the dancing everglades
With the storm clouds of dreams
threatening to explode above them
Would I be the woman
that lets her child run through them
willing to let it fall
to let it come back bleeding,
or would I protect it
so much that it never knows
to walk against the winds of change
never knowing what existence
my womb has to it lent?

Silence falls like feathers in the night
It’s a nocturne symphony the gifted are meant to hear
Fewer among them are the messiahs
betrothed to the art in their souls
who play them as if the world exists no more
I wonder…
if I were one of them
Would I find the song of every movement
…as they do?
Would I bleed willingly with the pain of so much tenderness
…as they do?
Would I close my eyes to open my ears to the Uni Verse
…as they do?
And let my soul depart from this containment to the towers of musical splendor
…as they do?

Form gives way to formlessness
the names hush into namelessness
griefs shatter into peace
and violence breaks down into melody
such is a magic…a thing called beauty…that lasts an eternity.


Posted November 15, 2009 by Deepti G Gujar in nouvelles poèmes

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Eclipse on the horizon   Leave a comment

The rainwater almost dries in the puddles
As the sun fights back this wet spell
He has turned ochre these days
Seems like he knows the changes I’m going through
An illusory battle he seems engaged in…
Like a couple fighting nude in bed…
…a prelude to inevitable lovemaking

The city is my home, the home is in my heart, this heart is in journey
The raindrops trickle and tickle down my back lustfully
I am too intent imagining your warm body with mine
Making my way through the droning traffic
Offers me a luxury of time in no one’s keep
I leave chronicles of thought in oft-passed lanes
Whispers of your words weave breezily through my hair

I close my eyes to open to you sensually
I am glad I was born blind to society
This natural attraction would’ve otherwise been labeled disgracefully
By those who sleazily watch the camel for its flesh as they do a woman
And I smile to myself self-consciously…
…musing about you making sweet love to your beautiful wife

La vie est beau e’ bizarre quelquefois
The leaves fall somewhere…flowering summer meadows elsewhere
This too shall pass…although maybe with us
As I gaze wordlessly in nothingness
…at the looming eclipse on the horizon


A process is all this phase is…
An experiment in illusions is all Life is…
An ephemeral peripheral is all these emotions are…
A desire is the eye of the storm that the Universe revolves

Posted July 20, 2009 by Deepti G Gujar in nouvelles poèmes

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Le double   Leave a comment

candle in the dark

It was a pregnant dawn, I laid on the grass
I was cradling you in my arms
Rest of the reality was just a blur…
Who were we, why were we there, just didn’t matter

I can breathe in your Energy
It starts making my energies whirl
Whether I am at a traffic signal
Or meditating all alone

Some say this is how you feel with your Twin Soul
We both know the journey of how we were One before
Yes there are times when by myself I feel complete
And then your thought occurs…and I am raised to Infinity.

Like a mother to her once aborted child
I can give…
Give until I exist only as a whisper on the wind
Oh but you so can give, this love you suppressed over so many lifetimes
As I open my arms to receive…
Receive until I am transformed to Nothingness
of the prayer flags of a monastery

We touch our hands to the Glass of distance separating us
Yet our souls worship each other in absolute Oneness
Absolved are peripherals of culture and differences
Look…there they are…
like devotees standing outside the door
While here we are through Stillness merging our Divinity
… God making love to the Flame in the temple serenity


~ dedicated to a twin soul who died in his Ego.

Posted June 29, 2009 by Deepti G Gujar in nouvelles poèmes

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