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candle in the dark

It was a pregnant dawn, I laid on the grass
I was cradling you in my arms
Rest of the reality was just a blur…
Who were we, why were we there, just didn’t matter

I can breathe in your Energy
It starts making my energies whirl
Whether I am at a traffic signal
Or meditating all alone

Some say this is how you feel with your Twin Soul
We both know the journey of how we were One before
Yes there are times when by myself I feel complete
And then your thought occurs…and I am raised to Infinity.

Like a mother to her once aborted child
I can give…
Give until I exist only as a whisper on the wind
Oh but you so can give, this love you suppressed over so many lifetimes
As I open my arms to receive…
Receive until I am transformed to Nothingness
of the prayer flags of a monastery

We touch our hands to the Glass of distance separating us
Yet our souls worship each other in absolute Oneness
Absolved are peripherals of culture and differences
Look…there they are…
like devotees standing outside the door
While here we are through Stillness merging our Divinity
… God making love to the Flame in the temple serenity


~ dedicated to a twin soul who died in his Ego.

Posted June 29, 2009 by Deepti G Gujar in nouvelles poèmes

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