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Eclipse on the horizon   Leave a comment

The rainwater almost dries in the puddles
As the sun fights back this wet spell
He has turned ochre these days
Seems like he knows the changes I’m going through
An illusory battle he seems engaged in…
Like a couple fighting nude in bed…
…a prelude to inevitable lovemaking

The city is my home, the home is in my heart, this heart is in journey
The raindrops trickle and tickle down my back lustfully
I am too intent imagining your warm body with mine
Making my way through the droning traffic
Offers me a luxury of time in no one’s keep
I leave chronicles of thought in oft-passed lanes
Whispers of your words weave breezily through my hair

I close my eyes to open to you sensually
I am glad I was born blind to society
This natural attraction would’ve otherwise been labeled disgracefully
By those who sleazily watch the camel for its flesh as they do a woman
And I smile to myself self-consciously…
…musing about you making sweet love to your beautiful wife

La vie est beau e’ bizarre quelquefois
The leaves fall somewhere…flowering summer meadows elsewhere
This too shall pass…although maybe with us
As I gaze wordlessly in nothingness
…at the looming eclipse on the horizon


A process is all this phase is…
An experiment in illusions is all Life is…
An ephemeral peripheral is all these emotions are…
A desire is the eye of the storm that the Universe revolves

Posted July 20, 2009 by Deepti G Gujar in nouvelles poèmes

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