Lovers ~ inspired by Rumi   Leave a comment

“Lovers travel in and out of my life

Like travelers returning home and wandering out again

They pour into my cornucopia of Ecstasy

a part of their infinite essence

Making me a heady tale beyond words

Such that words scamper away

And I am left with the solitude of a feeling

One that I call love…one that gentles my strength

Into the softness of a woman’s bosom

And her splendor arched naked

To an all-consuming fire…

And I am reduced to humility

Surrendered to the worship I feel

Uniquely for each of my lover”

“As you pull me into your passionate embrace

Dear Lover, you feel like you’ve arrived back

Like I knew you before…

Songs of a desert hum themselves quietly

A long voice then when you departed

A life that slowly drifted away

Amid the wait for your arrival….

And now that you are back,

My mind cannot believe

What the heart is already excited about

How can I but share this secret with you

When you yourself know deep within

The promises we shared before we changed our lives…

Now all I can speak of is about this love

Which I know has come to roost a while

Like a splendid pelican on its journey

For warmth…

For food of the soul…

For Love that only the Spirit can contain…

And while I know the time is nearing

with every passing breath we share

in the stillness of these nights

ebbing and surging like waves on the sands of time

I surrender to you betraying all my possession of values

Just so that you can take away that part of me

That you have made yours so long ago

And leave me empty this time

As I let you go with quiet eyes

For ever beyond return”

Posted April 18, 2011 by Deepti G Gujar

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