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Restlessness   1 comment

It’s another new place
I hear you say everytime
And it’ll get better soon
Is what I always hope for
Until I give up atlast
on the crumbs of hope

It is a long way out
Lost and confused
Don’t know where it is
that I am running to…

As I call out in the dark
I hear my own self shout
I hear the panic of the little child
The anxiety to love…
And I feel my hand grab
the empty dust unsettled around me…

Give me home
I have none
Give me faith
I’m on the edge
Give me comfort
I’m lost.

Everytime I see the end
it’s the end of another me
everytime I want to walk away
I feel I am betraying
someone holding onto me
I wish to entangle…
I wish to embrace…
Looking for straight lines
Where only endless curves
fill all my days

Give me strength
I am waiting
Give me trust
I surrender
Give me peace
As I empty this

Posted July 8, 2011 by Deepti G Gujar in nouvelles poèmes

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To Star   Leave a comment

Just one spark,

one connection,

to start the lines

and break the fences

into your land,

strange and yet so known,

familiar face that you are

a high star

but I don’t yet have the wings

to rise that far

maybe it was an accident

that our paths crossed

but now the knowingness

is indelible…

as untouchable as it is

in my own heart

you have carved out a space

that I don’t have the right to invade

just watching it from the distance;

I have to find the way

to make it my own

as you end the line

saying, “don’t hope”.

Some treasures must be left within

to let them leave behind traces

as I work, and wish, silently,

for a reprise.


“Dear star, come back

when I have something more to give

than my humble self

to live out your dreams

through me,

and the voice that I seek

that could turn into the arrow

you pierce into many hearts

to make them yours;

Until then, leave me a humble space

of a brick,

wedged in one of the pillars

of your grand kingdom,

that allows me

to put my ear close,

and listen”

~ Thank You Lezz Sir for lifting me up from the darkness

Posted May 27, 2011 by Deepti G Gujar in nouvelles poèmes

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