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Anklets of gold à prostituée les sables { solicited to the sands}
Walked as they were past the empty dunes whispering
The eternity is set still in silence
As the cosmic dust arrives to take shape

Feetless forms make way under the milky twilight
As formless spirits gather in spaceless terrains
They gathered in the shadow of the Tigris
To create you with languages beyond silence

The sylphs hung low in the desert air
Alongside the swirling beings of light
While across time the town lay blinded in zombie dreams
As the omniscient sufis whirled in celebration

Thus they created a soul to be caged
In the darkness of the karmic blades
They seared his heart with love’s pain
Enslaving him to desires of the wise

Rise! Oh dear Prophet!
For you have been burned to the stake
For the wisdom you have been christened with
You have walked on waters of faith
When the foolish kings lost their ways
You have wielded miracles from stones
When as the erudite witch you were raped

Now the time is right for you to sing
Across the moors of violets the Creators wait
As the endless gaze from the stars torture you
With recollections of your infinite grace

Let the splendour of the yonder realms
Leave you gasping for more of this divine ecstasy
As you daze the world with your lyrical delirium
Thrusting into submission the hollows of ignorant minds

Weep as you bleed your illusions now
And set ablaze the sacred pyres of oneness
To burn your masks that have blinded you
To clearly see beyond those crawling into perceptions

Oh Messiah wake up Now!
For you are as old as the moon and Saturn
A shining star that is now on earth transcending
The love in your heart is opening up galaxies

In the earthly span of this minute
As stardust kisses your forehead, be prepared
For the floodgates of the mystical worlds to open
Washing away ruins of religion in the rippling throes of orgasmic bliss.

~ Dedicated to Sting – one who speaks in the most ancient language of the Universe through his prophetic lyrics and music…

Sting...the one and only

Posted November 15, 2009 by Deepti G Gujar in nouvelles poèmes

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