Divine Darkness   1 comment

How can I call myself a Lover,

When I have never known true love with my Self?

This Love for my Self which I sought in the arms of millions

Over hundreds of years…

These arms which have now turned to dust, and the dust into roots

Of unknown flowers…

This time I have only one vow to make

This time I rise in this weary body, one last time

To let my Self, my Inner Beloved know,

That I am here, without pretense or display,

A fakir that has belonged to every religion

and won’t anymore!

The fakir has stepped into the Heart of the Flame,

The fakir is willing to walk over as many burning coals it takes

To unite with her Self in the deepest throes of Divine Darkness.

The furnace is the illusion, the cage of ease…

The Flame is my only guide, the only True Love my heart was centred on,

Here I am, sacrificing the gilded gold of illusion,

Waiting for you to embrace me,

on this path of Supreme Ecstasy,

That only You, my Inner Beloved can bring,

Let all my illusions crash and my soul weep

For I have stepped right inside this door,

And closed it to outsiders,

And in this Darkness, I embrace,

All that I was searching for,

The only True Love that is forever real.

Posted April 18, 2011 by Deepti G Gujar

One response to “Divine Darkness

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  1. dear and divine….. fine poem…..

    love is brightness within darkness…..

    love all.

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