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Just one spark,

one connection,

to start the lines

and break the fences

into your land,

strange and yet so known,

familiar face that you are

a high star

but I don’t yet have the wings

to rise that far

maybe it was an accident

that our paths crossed

but now the knowingness

is indelible…

as untouchable as it is

in my own heart

you have carved out a space

that I don’t have the right to invade

just watching it from the distance;

I have to find the way

to make it my own

as you end the line

saying, “don’t hope”.

Some treasures must be left within

to let them leave behind traces

as I work, and wish, silently,

for a reprise.


“Dear star, come back

when I have something more to give

than my humble self

to live out your dreams

through me,

and the voice that I seek

that could turn into the arrow

you pierce into many hearts

to make them yours;

Until then, leave me a humble space

of a brick,

wedged in one of the pillars

of your grand kingdom,

that allows me

to put my ear close,

and listen”

~ Thank You Lezz Sir for lifting me up from the darkness

Posted May 27, 2011 by Deepti G Gujar in nouvelles poèmes

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Star   1 comment

Come hail, come storm
I can brave it all,
And yet afloat you remain
Among the clouds…
Lonesome star…
My distant thought of every hour,
I wait in knowingness,
And yet I wonder…
Must I?
Grasslands of hope,
And a burgeoning of emotion
Like pollens in a tuberose,
I feel this cluster of restlessness,
Laying seige on my most tranquil days
Am I open to the barley charms
Of a marigold summer
spent noisily in your arms?
And harshly though,
I must say “no”
For my heart has another side
It waits to explore.
One-sided star
Stay afar
I don’t give my arms for alms
I shall pick up the roadside poppies,
To drug my charitable side,
Just this while…
As the rains bring new rivers to life
Sorrowless traveller
I am a stringless bird
The darkest tunnels of faith
Have helped me cast away my pain
I may seem shallow
I shall accept your judgement
as my own,
In exchange for my quiet solitude,
As shivering as the waves
A sea of depth under its mothering veil
Happy, mazy star
Chasing my dreams
Like a cat undoing the woollen ball
Giggling in your ever-frothy state
Violets huddled like iridescent blues…
Under your whispering hair,
Your eyes teasing the wisdom in mine,
Your heart emptied of old ties
Inspiring me to find my vulnerable sides
Let’s swiftly plunge in this newfound love
Before my stars turn into dust.

Posted May 27, 2010 by Deepti G Gujar in nouvelles poèmes

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