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Autumn Song   4 comments

A tune spun out of memory
Of a forgotten love buried
from fear that it may
come about,
like it did this evening

the clocks turned full circle
as we spotted each other
across that very street
where we were lovers
now i hold the hand
of the one we called our own

In that instant, when our eyes met
eternity was lost
promises drifted cold
as the signal held us across
lines showed up like memories of war
until she played our autumn song

warm tears slipped by
just like you and I
walking past the green light
she pulled me ahead in delight
as you tried to reach out in vain
our little girl you’d left behind.


Posted November 8, 2012 by Deepti G Gujar in Blogroll

Unrequited   5 comments

I know you don’t love me
the way in which i do
Even though you say, “I do”,
it is too generic, too casual
For the whirl of intensity
I am caught in,
when I am around you.

This is just a small letter
to tell you that I am aware
this love is unrequited
and yet, with this, I am okay
And if you’re wondering why,
then let me tell you,
I have time to spare,
emotions to share,
and vulnerabilities to bare.
So my dear man,
just bear with all my songs
of ideal love though this is not,
for I am aware, you are just a flame
unaffected by the moth.

Tossing feathers on high winds
sometimes takes its toll,
when I question myself about you,
I feel out of control.
You do a great job,
of putting me out of my mind,
that is what I’ve been trying
to throw the past behind
You are that cord in between
that I often get strung up on
and yet when I dissolve,
it turns me into a song
What alchemy is this
I still fail to grasp
this chemistry of minds
opens up the wounds of my heart

So here I end this letter
with a goodbye to this tangle
letting things be quiet
for a while to let it settle
some strains have come undone
you are not “the one”
the awareness has disrobed
into knowing, i can be alone
I have dreams to build,
visions to fulfill,
and promises just mine solely.
So my dear man,
just bear with these smoky trails
of a love affair ending
for this connection we share
is just to make me aware, I was missing.


Courtesy Rumi page on Facebook


Posted October 18, 2012 by Deepti G Gujar in Blogroll