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cape verde putumayo

As the ship pulls out its sail
I gaze at the shore distancing itself
to let me go
And move on to lands unseen before

St.Germain bless me on this voyage
For it’s been long and eventful
Leave out all the aches of familiarity
and just let my heart hit home the unknown

It is still the melon yellows of a sunrise
But I see it with a new set of eyes
The ones made by a God in a journey of his own
Enlightened discernment showing its way

La mèr(e) embrasse tout les histoires
De tout le monde triste et mort
Mais elle attend pour le jour..
…quand elle se transforme en le plage d’or…

The sea beckons me like an alchemist in introspection
Asks me the reasons for one’s existence…
I smile and tell her, “joy…”
To which she laughs to my face and swims away in waves

Where is your lover she questions again
A pretty sage like me must not be treated sympathetically
He’s still to be known to eyes anew I sigh
For a new story has just begun to weave today

She stares at me amid her newfound contemplations
Wondering who her lover is…
I gesture to the sky, the one she beholds
through his splendour as well as nightmares
as she clasps her currents in rapturous knowingness…

Grand dunes of white loom like the wise moais
Bleaching my mind of its beliefs like never before
Serene palms sway in their everlasting romances
Circling the arid desert in all their festive purity

J’arrive…j’arrive enfin…
avec une nouvelle comprehension

With my past left on the other side of the sea
Just a tiny freckle of sunshine
sailing through this dusty city
Looking to write a new diary of adventure
as people of the land estrange me in their glances
Like a child lost in an adult’s market
Life puts me in a perpetual daze
Wading through it like a sequinned fakir
My heart longs to anchor itself to the mal de tropiques

Posted November 15, 2009 by Deepti G Gujar in nouvelles poèmes

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