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The hills rise above the dark mist
A net of stars nestled in a city below
My rugged vision passes over
the obscure weeds bordering the highway

My breath will turn to dust in the passages of time
My lover shall lose his distance and pass over by my side
Like all roads that must meet in this vastness of eternity
The stripes of crossings being walked upon merge discreetly

Tunnels of gray illusions can blind me
The watch and walls seem to enslave me
But awareness clears the horizon lying ahead
As I realise I am the pawn…and I am the player

The salty sands of Morocco beckon
The spirit that animates you and I
Though the hearts we are wearing look in different directions
My mind has lost the sanity of separation

My jaw holds silence as stiffly as the windows
That rattle as the bus meanders the oft-beaten way
Through impositions of stone and tar and strange faces
Sporadic trees laboring sweet flowers in the harshness

I lend some space to my weary mood
Just gazing at the glistening moon
Endlessly..stirring ripples of ‘you’ness
I sense is grander than my solitudinal existence
I can’t define…
…like a timeless ritual my heart engaged in secretly
While my mind seems to be lost in translation


Posted November 15, 2009 by Deepti G Gujar in nouvelles poèmes

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