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Inspired by ~ “Love in the time of Cholera”   1 comment


All I want is to share an anguished sob
Borne by the deep desire to be in your arms
Not by war or by religion, separated we are by reluctance
To share the temporal love bleeding our mortal hearts

Just to let it go.. just to let it flow
We have survived so many ravages of time
Yet here we are standing across an ocean
Pretending significance of a desert parching our lives

Just look at me…maybe just a cursory second glance
This time you know we are to inevitably overcome
The distractions of our commitments and a defunct past
Reach out and touch me tender…
May the man in you awaken to a woman’s surrender


Think… who are you to hold principles in a kingdom ruled by Love
See… the despair you ignite for your attentive reserve
Hear… the silences that moan for the longings of your fiddle
Feel… the forgotten dreams I’ve caressed a lifetime before

Even the masts make love at night to the very winds they charge against
Come home to me handing your bitterness to the sun to sink
I stand here having lost the comforts youth robbed me when it left
Let love mirror the only thing unbroken in the solitary refuge of death