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~ Inspired by Chopin’s “Nocturne”…as rendered by Joshua Bell


My world turns as slowly
as the ebb and fall of your chest
A dove flutters to the window
I watch her as I lay next to you
Just as she watches me across the glass
I wonder…
if I could see the world with only one view
…as she does
Would I still view it as complete
…as she does?
Would I be as content with it
…as she is?
If I saw two different perspectives
which merge in the darkness that lies between my eyes
Would I still be as peaceful
…as she is?

The truth runs across the dancing everglades
With the storm clouds of dreams
threatening to explode above them
Would I be the woman
that lets her child run through them
willing to let it fall
to let it come back bleeding,
or would I protect it
so much that it never knows
to walk against the winds of change
never knowing what existence
my womb has to it lent?

Silence falls like feathers in the night
It’s a nocturne symphony the gifted are meant to hear
Fewer among them are the messiahs
betrothed to the art in their souls
who play them as if the world exists no more
I wonder…
if I were one of them
Would I find the song of every movement
…as they do?
Would I bleed willingly with the pain of so much tenderness
…as they do?
Would I close my eyes to open my ears to the Uni Verse
…as they do?
And let my soul depart from this containment to the towers of musical splendor
…as they do?

Form gives way to formlessness
the names hush into namelessness
griefs shatter into peace
and violence breaks down into melody
such is a magic…a thing called beauty…that lasts an eternity.


Posted November 15, 2009 by Deepti G Gujar in nouvelles poèmes

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