A moment in a million others…   Leave a comment

meg ryan

A moment in a million others…

Staring at the screen i try to make sense
Of the words trying to sink in.
Through the thoughts of you swirling
Noisily in my head towards no ending.

Even my fave songs aren’t making
Any efforts in soothing me
As i grope for some conclusion or
A respite to the clanging memories.

Do i make a trip to the coffee machine again?
Or do i fiddle with my inbox for a while?
And thru’ it all i know i’ll desperately fail
To get rid of your thoughts as i do this all.

It seems to need some great task,
Like maybe a trip to the moon
But as i’m grounded here, i think
It might take more than 365 trips
around the sun.

Posted March 13, 2007 by Deepti G Gujar in nouvelles poèmes

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