The Man Who Built Me   1 comment

He would wake so early
tune up the violin and play melody
I would be listening to his song
even before I could learn to hum
His music flowed like love in my blood
long before my face was even formed

He would come back halfway
after having left for his workplace
a red red balloon floating behind him
as I watched him eagerly from the balcony
on my giddy feet wobbling in the winter
long before I knew he was my father

He gave me an arpeggio
and taught me to surrender
my hero, he is so gentle
showed me beauty lies in the tender
He is an eternal child
giggling at this silly life
even as I struggle to analyze
He holds this sparkle in his eyes
more infectious than any wine
the man who pieced us back
with a few tears shed in agony
Who made us feel like one family
is the one who could give
everything up for peace
He’s that man who built me

He would watch his movies
crying everytime at the same scenes
He’d cover my books and polish my shoes
Cut my nails and give me algebra clues
He made sure I sang every note perfectly
Long before I saw the artist in me

He gave me a Casio
and taught me to wonder
my hero, he is so humble
Showed me love lies in the simple
He is an eternal child
innocent to its passing by
Even as I struggle to understand
what makes him feel so delighted
My world going madder everyday
the man who found us back
From the few years lost in tragedy
Who made us feel like one family
is the one who could give
his dreams up for his lady
He’s that man who built me

Posted December 9, 2011 by Deepti G Gujar in lyrics, nouvelles poèmes

One response to “The Man Who Built Me

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  1. You are the luckiest girl in the world to have had a dad like this….having a loving father who is present for their children is very important for a complete human being to blossom….I am glad to know your pain is easing….stay with this as long as it takes….don’t get disillusioned….and listen more and go where the child is taking you!

    I too had a post on dad!!! Strange!


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