Stream girl   2 comments

Sometimes I wish I could run to a man
who is too old for me
and beg him to stay like only a lover can…

Sometimes I wish I could fly away
to a man with a ring
who has long strayed from that thing called marriage

Sometimes I wish I could dance all night
with an officer who once
gave me his heart that midnight in the naked moonlight

Sometimes I wish I could sail away
To an island of lilies
where I can meet all of these
And laugh, drink and talk about how we were so silly
To never have seen the lovers…
we could’ve been

I am a lady with a child’s spirit
Tried to give myself to a vase
Broke it when I gave an ocean
Now I am searching for a mountain
who could have me flowing like a stream

Stream girl…
Looking for the way downward
Hoping to get her dreams unfurled
So she could flow into a new world
Where she can live unstrung

Sometimes I wish I could live
With the man who makes me tea
who wants me to paint his walls to discover me

~ * ~

Posted December 6, 2011 by Deepti G Gujar in lyrics, nouvelles poèmes

2 responses to “Stream girl

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  1. So beautiful 🙂

  2. this is ur other art…where r u looking…just write…:-)

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