Silence   2 comments

Things unspoken,
are said between words
Moments unformed,
Lived in silence...
A touch of grace,
unshaped by circumstances
The stillness of gaze,
Only vacant thoughts sustain

Like waves of the calm sea
Thoughts transmit superficially
A deeper stance unflinched
Lies alertly dormant beneath
If I could draw lines,
They would just be drawn on water
Lasting not more than a second
On something so eternal

I saw you holding me
Or was it your thoughts
that cradled me?
Tiny freckles of mind they are
I wonder how they reveal
An ocean of life?

Suddenly the cries have faded
The pain is only a trickle
The resonance of emptiness
Is thick between the ears
What lies behind this
is just a mystery without time limits
All part of a grand deluge
Flowing invisibly...
sometimes warm and heavy,
Evaporating any stops
With merciless equanimity

Now the wind gushes with one voice
Sweeping away the subtle ties
Losing ground under my feet
To soft sands yielding gently
Swirling currents in layers above
Carrying away all identity
Until only the sky left below
Where is the island...
Where is the shore?

Posted November 7, 2011 by Deepti G Gujar in nouvelles poèmes

2 responses to “Silence

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  1. Nice ring to this poem.
    The Ad is annoying.

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