Of Grace   2 comments

“Just by you being You,
I became whole”

~ * ~

“When I am awake
the most beautiful people walk this planet”

~ * ~

“Hold your thoughts lightly
says he, pointing to grace”

~ * ~

“When you are in Love,
time is no more”

“Like a flowing river,
I am in touch with all the rocks
That engender me with a sweet melody”

~ * ~

“‘Give me my time’, I told him
‘Give me your hand’, he replied”

~ * ~

“As he held my hand,
he emptied them
until there was only grace”

~ * ~

“Like a child I whimpered,
like a father he held…
and promised to be there
even when I had the strength
…even when I had flown away”

~ * ~

“He could’ve stayed for hours
and let me be…
mingling with my darkness…
discovering that it led to sunshine”

~ * ~

“He taught me that moving on
is being perfectly still…
that the past can be carried
lightly on the wings
And the future can be obsolete
when you are a gift
That time is nothing
When you are in love,
There is nowhere to go…
…when you are here”

~ * ~

“You have all the light,
I could contain in my soul…
You are all the gratitude
that makes me whole”

“In me I found –
A child reborn
A joy that whispers songs of life
A oneness without any doing
A father infinitely wise
– in you I found
A child eternal
A joy that is life
A oneness beyond being
A father who is the mother”

~ * ~

“When the thread of awareness crosses the eye of suffering
Grace is the fabric sown,
which can be seen only when the invisible is known”

~ * ~

~ Thank You CK for holding me in your gentle Grace

Posted September 29, 2011 by Deepti G Gujar in nouvelles poèmes, Rubaiyat

2 responses to “Of Grace

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  1. Wow!
    Thanks Deepti and Chittaranjan..
    This is so beautiful, simple and sublime..
    This is the Sangha..
    Just feeling grateful and blessed to witness this..

  2. “Like a flowing river,
    I am in touch with all the rocks
    That engender me with a sweet melody”

    What poetry… what truth.. poignant with grace..

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