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The abundant one

That pours desires in me

Like an empty palette

I contain some, overflow others,

Waiting for a paintbrush to strike,

That I may atlast feel emptied

into the creation

That is all you.

Opening the window

I let the vision flood in

of the infinite vastness

of your being

that incenses my body

which loses its rigidity

and merges into the air

leaving its light jasmine fragrance

leaving me with just the music

of my veins

played to the pleasures

you are composing of me.

Surrendered you are…

surrendered I am…

then who is playing this beautiful music

that is pulling you and me

apart from our spaces

and creating a well of beauty;

Something extraordinary, unknown

to any of us,

and how are we listening

to the music within

without ears or taste

too early to be formed

into human or being.

Stepping into the cave,

an ancient one,

the infinite of your being rises up the walls

and i,

the child “i” is,

is just standing tiny,

in astonished gaze,

of one so infinite that can contain

the sky in its belly,

and yet owns a smile

all, only for me,

and all i has to do,

is turn around,

and let it shine through,

except that i does not know

where the mouth opens its vast embrace

to the world.

Swept ashore, a morning comes quiet

putting to sleep all in its wake

as it paints a fruitful sky

flourishing with its colors

to bring new light

to a world that matters

only to the one, solitudinal being

that it has cast upon its body,

awake and breathing,

burning bright in its dreams,

to paint this landscape,

in one stroke of its nude beauty.

Posted June 2, 2011 by Deepti G Gujar in nouvelles poèmes, Rubaiyat

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