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I dreamt last night I lived by the ocean
In a huge mansion atop a cliff
With strong winds and seas shaking its glass frames
I could feel the rattle and I was scared
Scared to look at the ocean that lay so bare
So naked in all its glory that I shuddered
Though I was with my lover
My arms were bare…
My feet empty…
Neither did the house feel mine,
Nor did I have the courage to face the sea
I wanted to leave…but I felt trapped…
by my own sorrow to leave the loved one behind
He didn’t need me I know…
But far in the corner of my mind I was afraid…
who was I if not for him?
He had clothed me and put food on my plate…
Though he dearly loved me I felt “kept”…
My Spirit flew like a ghost howling all around the house…
It was not the winds really but this everlasting spirit
Which beckoned me to go yonder…
Told me I didn’t need to belong here…
I whispered back, “Hearts would break if I now left”
And it simply howled away
back to the oceans from where it came
Leaving me to figure out my own way
I knew I wanted to turn to the sea…
To be done in by its eternal charms…
To be free as a nomad with a life
That could turn any minute into dust…
Rather than letting it corrode to rust…
Living in the set limits of unbroken hearts
I wished for courage with a silent tear of longing
I slept away.
I dreamt tonight I was walking in water
In a sea of raging waves that was mother to me
Wading through bejeweled corals
I had nothing on me to protect me
I had let go of the shame that had clothed me so long
I had let go of the safety of another’s love
That had for so long bound my feet
I opened my mouth and only bubbles came out
And I realised I didn’t know any language
But the one that raced chariots of thoughts
In my mind…
I was alone. I was unattached. There were no signs, no roads.
Just whereever it was I wanted to go.
I seemed to have freefallen…
I seemed to have let go…
And just as I was about to ask “How…”,
I saw a flash that my feet were no more…
There was just a fishtail instead…
I was awake.


Posted September 19, 2010 by Deepti G Gujar in nouvelles poèmes

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2 responses to “I dreamt

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  1. oooh…that is some dream…

    and I’m going to claim copyrights on that gravatar of yours 😀

  2. Your poems let the people fly away, they give a sense of space, peace and purity. I am really looking forward to reading more and more. Thanks for being like this! Dhan’yavāda. Stefano from Italy (Rome).

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