Reunited   2 comments

~ An old man’s love story…

The cool breeze stirs me awake at midnight
There’s just me and the pigeons quivering on the branches outside
The leaves whisper among themselves too absorbed
To notice my silent gaze of love held by your picture on the wall

A kiss is now just a musing on an empty easel
For a heart grown old as Jesus in a cathedral
Now I can fathom sweet love of distant memories
Doesn’t take a philosopher to admire the moon rippling on the lake anymore

Butterflies chase each other across a demure meadow
As bees suckle the idle flower bossoms
I’m just a spectator with a youth forgotten
Lost in this serenade that’s moved beyond my ears

The evening has soaked itself
Like the cork in my old wine bottle
In the mouldy comforts of the rains
That’s preserved for these tranquil moments
When all I do is watch me turn mellow
As the autumn does…from gold to yellow

Thoughts just gently slide..
Like tips to young Johnny at the bar a tired Friday night
I laugh inwardly at my private joke…
I’m left favored by the very love that left the man next to me broke
As I finger her fading smile in my wallet
My heartstrings tug in that disconcerting way
Rousing a teardrop that longs to run astray

It’s not too late they say now
To walk away to that bridge across forever
All I have to do is leave my spirit to wander
And wait for it to surrender…

The angels comfort me quietly passing by
As I gaze at the stars fade away in the morning sky
As the doves preen their feathers in the dew
I pray I be reunited forever with you

Posted November 30, 2009 by Deepti G Gujar in nouvelles poèmes

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2 responses to “Reunited

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  1. Written from a man’s perspective?
    Too feminine…yet.

    Nice one

  2. Pretty amazing

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