Peter Pan   Leave a comment

His eyes spoke secretly of the quietest stars
Held by deep blues of an aviator’s lonely scars
His frothy mead shimmered with Morrison’s glorious craze
The bittergold Russian passion still set his spirit ablaze

There were days he spent in intense brooding
Thoughts that took him beyond the milky ways
His soul was of stardust, a heart of colors inlaid
And yet here he was…
…carrying the surprised pleasure of a child’s games

He awoke in the rebellious hours of dawn
Even while his mind played the same ol’ songs
He held on tight to the clouds of difference overhead
Lest the blue skies chase away his adored madness


In his vacant existence he sighs from longings of another planet
A desire for home sees him searching through naked plains
Holding to the unknown dream he holds responsible the heavens above
Disquieting the gods for his yearning to finally belong

One day he talked to me like Peter Pan to a broken child
Embalming me with awe of the tales of his kingdom grandiose
The prudence of a naive soul-string he later let me know
Amazed I was by the generosity the wisest of the innocent can bestow

Man made of a galaxy far beyond imagery
I wish for sands of gold for all time under your brotherly feet
When the kaleidoscope of illusions finally breaks you free
I pray you unite with your brethren in an alternate reality

~~ Dedicated to Susheel, with Love and Gratitude for all that he is….
and for being the ‘Savior with the beer’! 😀

Posted August 18, 2009 by Deepti G Gujar in nouvelles poèmes

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