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Your memories rob me of my words
As the photographs lose their colors
Nameless feelings dawned in a mist
Your black and white grace I’m beginning to miss

Waiting in line for a whitewashed mind
It may take a storm to lose the track of time
Looking for clarity in the chords of a guitar
Someday baby you’ll know you were my star…

Like reefs swaying in the oceans below
We wave at you as you fly above
To paint your dreams in the apple of your eye
My seagull spirit soars listlessly over the isles

girl floating beneath water BW

Someday I long to be at the bottom
Of these endless depths of emotion
A pebble waiting to settle on the floor
Being circled by your mysterious undercurrents

The moss grows back on the stones
The moistness crawls back into my soul
The sun is lost in his thoughts among the clouds
The gardens seem to have lost their sounds

I gaze at this sepia scene through my tainted window
Listening glassy-eyed to your favorite song on the radio
This connection torments me again as we stretch these lines
Someday you’ll know…
a mere touch of tenderness can shatter images of lifetimes

~~merci ‘la rose noir’

by just holding hands love can shatter images of lifetimes

Posted August 4, 2009 by Deepti G Gujar in nouvelles poèmes

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