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We are the semblance of a love affair
You so far that you’ve come nearby
Barely exchanged a kiss
But it seems like we don’t fit
Yet I feel this twinge as you are leaving
With a message, “…dunno when I will be returning”

This is something irrational
Seems like love but there seems none
of those fluttery butterfly feelings
Just a pull of those heart strings
As if I am a harp down in the middle of this sea
Played like Ariel with an unknown longing
For a man who’s in a different shore of his dreams

We are the semblance of a close friendship
You so close that it’s now intimate
Barely held each other
But it seemed we were both too tensed
Yet I felt this gurgle of storm as you left
With a message, “hope to see you soon…someday”

This is something irrational
Seems like love but it seems none
of these crazy terms matter anymore
Just you and I feeling close
As though we are still in the same city
Talking about our music and your sketching
While our legs brushed in silent desires underneath

Yes it’s just a semblance
of spring in the potpourris
Yes it’s just a little unreal
like a perfume bottle holding the summer breeze
Yes there is a trace of poignancy
like lost lovers on a winter night
Now I stand on the pier drenched in the tropical rains…
while desires color you in inflamed autumn forests


~ à m’inspiration, Vinu

Posted August 4, 2009 by Deepti G Gujar in nouvelles poèmes

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