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jazz1I find parables of you, my dear lover, in Nature
For you there’s a blue rosy mist moving me along nowhere
As our ol’ friend Norah plays a smoky tune to heart
I feel your colors rise up in my body
Can’t call you an angel for you are so earthy
A river whose depth lies in its gentle flow
As it moves from the highest peaks to the lowest plains

Time is always so yellow with you
Like a crazy fantasy we are all living by
A bit of rock in a world of jazz


Like a pebble you’ll wash me by with your heady sweetness
But I’m so eager to be touched by you
There are no regrets here
What a pleasure to be so free…
Like the open summer fields…
Like words in an effortless poetry…
Like You-and-Me

Love is like a demure river
Always flowing and always transient
And sometimes it seems to have disappeared off the surface
But when you see the flowers blooming…that is its trace…

So don’t hang on to these feelings love
Just listen to them like bars of cello
Don’t try to capture them into chords…
Let it go…let them flow
For they are just these flowers you see
Just an ephemeral illusion perceived of the love that’s true reality


Silent airplanes streak across a summer sky
The fragrance of lotuses floating quietly on a pond
You are in me now as I am in you…
Hold me in your arms and kiss me
Just a dream though it may be
For I’m not your past and not a future
Just a timeless present shining through your Soul
The sun shining through the stillness of a tree

I catch a glimpse of you beneath the fresh sheets
And white blossoms start exploding from every inch of my Being
The rain continues to fall outside
And I’m lit from the warmth of your messages inside


For the first time I’m awake to see the rolling hills along the highway
And the resplendent colors of gulmohar and bougainvilleas
Gently swaying from the speeding cars along the way
You are no sugar, you are no honey
You are what my mind can never conceive
Like the music that brought us together that fine day…
You’ve awakened the dust of my soul like the first rains…


— dedicated to the one and only dearest Vinu V: sketcher, musician, avant garde music reviewer, brilliant coder and best of all a friend with the gentlest possible soul…

Posted May 25, 2009 by Deepti G Gujar in nouvelles poèmes

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