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I remember you’d love caramel, every time i have coffee…
My eyes revert to the man with the red jacket walking down the street…
i find your sense of humor reflected in your friends’…
i skip a heartbeat when i see peaches in the market…

would you call this moving on…
and can you take the luxury to be flattered
remembering such silly things about someone
can be an ex-lover’s favorite to-dos

i know with each passing day memories can fade away
I’ve been there and been the one who forgets
but when Joni sings ‘little green’ i get some blues about Starbucks cafe
i hear the graveling sound of the tram go by again,
and search for you sitting fiddling with your phone at it’s end

would you call this reminiscence…
fleeting images that appear through my chores to my dreams?
i intend to let you go…
but for now i just relish you through memories a li’l more?

i know now goodbyes can be actually good
but let’s just say ‘auf wiedersehen’ and let’s just have hope
let’s connect through visions in intimate secrecy within only our hearts
while the tag line reads, ‘we’re just friends…after all…’

–With love and only love, to Ashwin. 😀

Posted March 21, 2009 by Deepti G Gujar in nouvelles poèmes

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