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…and there are days like these…
Like the smell of cinnamon,melting in coffee…
Like bathing your senses,with vanilla fields
Like these lighter days with no chromatic keys

…and there’s something so stupid happening…
You just can’t stop recalling
and laughing like you never did
You’re counting the trees passing
by on your return journey
You’re living lighter days
with no trace of memories!

…and you get raspberry color in your hair…
You just dance on some John
Mayer music naked
You just stick out your tongue
to taste the rain all over again
You just blow pink bubbles
sauntering down the walkway…

…one of these lighter days
…the sun will shine on your bed
…you relish the freshly baked bread
…you’ll wake up with a tune in your head.

— An old poem revived.

Posted March 21, 2009 by Deepti G Gujar in Mes poèmes banales

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