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Acting… from what little i have done of it, acting is a pilgrimage of the mind-body-soul trinity.Your face becomes a canvas, left for the director, the script writer to paint it as they wish, with you being the one who ultimately projects it and puts it into motion. Your voice too, becomes a prop, and your body is an extension of the canvas itself.
But when the mind takes a step back from the self into the shoes of the character and the Soul rings out empathy and steps forward, a space is created in between… and that is when acting is born.
And the process itself is poetry in motion.

The more i see actors like Dakota Fanning, Will Smith, Denzel Washington, it becomes quite clear that acting, even though just a profession, is for a very evolved soul. For it must take a great deal of evolution to be able to not just identify with different emotions wrapped under sharp characteristic acumen that might require one to reevaluate geographies and histories, but also to be able to dissect the different shades and levels of these emotions, with the precision of a surgeon and the grace of a ballerina.

On top of it imagine the inundation of the spoils of life thrown in all the time in your face, while keeping you on a pedestal of a hoi poilloi who will claw at you to see their ordinary mortal selves in you, while expecting you to uphold a larger-than-life facade, and through it all, coming back full circle, you are still evolving at an olympic pace with a jugglers timing, to churn out frames and reels of personas…as acting.

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  1. Wow that was a great explanation of acting. I have never been able to describe acting so well as you do. I enjoy it because I get lost in a character. Thats great.

  2. This post is brilliant. I too think the most skilled and famous actors have mastered really an ultimate sort art of personal development. I love your term “evolved soul.” Very nice. I’m actually of the school that says “life is acting.” Concepts such as tension and performance are valid on and off the stage. There are roles for us to play on and off the stage in life no matter our profession.

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