A glass and half of sparkle….   Leave a comment

With the fall of a bottle our energies touched…
Carried over from a forgotten lifetime of lost love
You reached out and set forth a series of accidents
In the madness of that neighbouring metro…
My Soulmate, you are the mountain dweller who’s searching
Unknown to yourself and open to my Soul’s eye,
A well of wisdom that lies hidden in the desert that is…but you
The zephyrs sift the sands of your awareness in patterns of impulses
And though you find yourself parched under the de rigeur diurnal harshness
I see the treasure amid the desert that your magnificence keeps cachéed.

In the city rains lotuses blossom privy to our eyes only
As demure melodies of Beethoven with the gentle strength of an embrace,
amid enclosures they intertwine
A warm beacon of love shines down on us as we trek…
This rugged territory of nothingness with no distinction,
with hearts in hands
A crystalline evening, an enchanting exchange…
And the wispy elusiveness of someone’s love reaching out,
like a bright light through the trees
And though it all appeared distant through the lashing veils of the rains
They merged eventually, like him, with love and light…and he was blessed!

There was a mountain standing still across time
While you were a cloud climbing the stairs of the sky
Don’t step down to kiss it o’ meandering Soul…
There are stars waiting up for you in that Kingdom above
“Don’t settle for second best!”,the mountain cried…
“…for I am just an illusion here…
When you complete this journey upward
We’ll celebrate our existence in togetherness
Like the golden stardust shimmering across space and time…
…through a glass and half of sparkling wine.”


-Often a city leaves a mark on a traveler because of its history, art, architecture, etc. But my first business trip to Bombay has left its mark on me because of the people I met there. Although my welcome to the city was disastrous, my farewell was equally bittersweet with the city drawing out my most tenacious self…while the people therein attracting my most gentle self.

If people are indeed the reason for all incidents in our lives, this post is dedicated to one special friend, who made my trip worthwhile, and who, I believe, was a strong reason for my trip to Bombay as part of the Divine Plan.

–For the monk who has forgotten how wise he is…

Love n Light!

Posted September 18, 2008 by Deepti G Gujar in articles, nouvelles poèmes

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