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I sit here at almost day break, after an unsatisfactory chat with someone I waited up for almost halfway across the world for… and these distances really don’t make sense to me.

And I am really lonesome here… with Norah’s honeyed voice supplementing my need for expression beautifully… ( )

These are rare times when even your lover is also not sufficient for that deep emotional need that you can neither understand nor express… it just lies awake, bare open, like a nest-less bird quivering under the cold night sky in the silver moonlight of quiet.

And everytime I search in my head for someone to call or drop a line to, who can make me feel whole or satisfied again…by mere company, and lack of judgement for me feeling “incomplete”…not judging by the count of friends or wealth or laurels of the past, I find my address book still empty of such a person…even after all these years and all these relationships. Someone to sit down with beside the still lake silently reflecting the quiet strength of the mountains yonder. One doesn’t need words necessarily for comfort…a feeling of togetherness and companionship is all that is enough…like the migrating bird resting for a while on a flagpole of a docked ship.

The air is indeed still, and the early morning birds chirp awake as I make my way toward my bed, wanting to be somewhere else (Interlaken maybe…)… a place that ensconces me, making me feel complete just by being there.

I miss thee, meine liebe Schweiz… and nothing will compare to your humble splendour. I feel homesick for the first time for a place that is not even my birthplace…where I don’t mind working long hours, just to be able to reach the Brienzsee during the weekend and feeling one with the Universe.

I hope I see you soon…

But till then, yes.. I am lonesome.

Posted January 26, 2008 by Deepti G Gujar in Uncategorized

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