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zurich by night

The city is gray and bleak

With spring flowers blooming around every street

And this perfect world is so inclined to fall apart

As you erect walls in between us.


The rhymes now start to sound the same

Like the look in the girls’ eyes across me in the train

You look out for me and I for you,

You’re not being asked to compromise

A diamond is offended ‘cos it thinks it’s being asked to shine.


A windchime sounds too harsh

On an evening when a friend doesn’t wanna talk…

People’s words echo: ”Don’t attach yourself to anybody”

And the wise men say, not even to material things

I wonder, fingering the curtain thru’ which I can’t see

Why are we talking love, if we can’t even be the social species?


So many bridges burnt in just one lifetime

Ego never led a man anywhere… nor did his own 2 feet only,

‘xcept to rooms of regrets down corridors of time,

As you realize…

Loved ones are too precious to let them go adrifting.

Posted April 22, 2007 by Deepti G Gujar in nouvelles poèmes

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