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new zealand


Where are you now
Where is your care…
Where is the reasonable man
I’d loved when we’d met

Where are you now
In happiness, or sad
Do you love to see me broken
When i thought you’d be there

You kissed away my tears
You put away my fears
You made me feel safe
You made me feel treasured.

Now there’s a numbness
Settling in more everyday
The more i try to be what u want me to be
The more we drift apart.

Look inside yourself
Do u see the man in you
Who was with me when we’d met?
Where are you now?

How good is it to shut away
Someone who loves you?
How many days will you lament
When you realize she truly loved you?

She cries alone in the midnight blues
Out of reach, out of touch with u…
As every moment passes sans your warmth
She feels closer to death.

Where are you when…
At the end of the day
She breaks her rules and her body
To come to you… to get heartbroken.

Where are you, in love
Do u have a flower…
Or even a chocolate…
That would light her eyes like a little girl’s?

Where are you now …


Posted March 12, 2007 by Deepti G Gujar in nouvelles poèmes

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  1. why ??? not again !!

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