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“For sooner or later you have everybody fooled;
for a while there, you had me fooled too…
 …when you said,’i love you’.”


Hate Male – 11/9/06

“Your love was like
  institutionalised therapy
Leaving me your fatal addiction
 As it cured me of myself.”


Eternal Sunshine

“Just watched Eternal Sunshine…
And i gotta thinking,
if i could erase you, would i???
Nah!not in a million years baby,
and definitely not for some lifetimes…
Even though you couldn’t make me happy really
when you were there…
i’m worse without you at my side.

Baby i’m in love with you,
even if you are just painful memories
You’ve mindfucked me so much,
as my friends say,
that i just keep falling…
And the more i try to erase you,
some of me is grabbing you back stronger…
Making me feel like i’m heart-fucked.”


Afterglow – 20th Feb.’07.

“I’d promised i’d go away,
from this ‘missing you’ place,
But in this love-turned-to-a-shrine
I still remain.
The scars of memories hurt
in unhealed ways,
And all the awareness in this pain fades.
Broken hearts can be mended sweetheart…
not the ones shattered.
The wish to see you never seems to die,
I long for confrontation, to ask you ‘why…’.
I close my eyes, to forgive you my baby,
I hope my outdated love is still your shield.
It still hurts to not heal you from your persistent calculi
My soul begs peace as from your home i pass by.
The city will be yours,
my peace here will be lost,
You’ll be much-loved and famous,
And that day i’ll fade and become anonymous.
You will be singing to your new-found love,
i might still be playing ‘our’old song on my player.

Posted March 12, 2007 by Deepti G Gujar in nouvelles poèmes

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