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Thinking of writing u a rock song…

Feel so wasted, insecure and lost,

The sadness makes me feel drunk

I’m stuck in this hollow fall. 

Down…down in the pits of hurt

I feel delirious with all the pain inside

Feel so low…could pass as bein high

Every minute I break down again…and cry 

Miss the headache the booze gives me

Miss the twitching pain of the needle

Miss the high of a last dope

Miss burnin life up in a chain of smoke 

Hate the poison that swirls in me…

Every time I wake up in this damned city

Wanna run away from here, from this bed

To seek refuge from hating more of myself. 

Wanna scream baby, but there’s too much silence

My chaos stabs daggers…takes shelter in my weakness

Every sleep writhes me with quiet nightmares

N every waking moment is a hopeless repair. 

I’m tied to so many unforgettable pasts

While my present remains so damn empty…

The future seems caught in shreds of translucent hope

My glazed stupor tries to salvage some reason to live. 

Dunno rock from pop, a poem from a song…

Who am I, does it matter anymore…

Things don’t get better…they just get worse

And as I try to hold on over nothin, I feel cursed. 

I die a new death every single day

I don’t even get jaded, the pain still remains…

I fly away in the midnight of haunts

My life refuses to reach into me thru’ this grave 

Rescue me, no one can

Inebriated by anger, life’s ironies simply stare

I feel zombied like the rest of ‘em

Passing with me on the same road from life to death. 

My heart feels like plastic

Melting from the slightest warmth

N as it all turns too soon too cold

It’s done up in another nameless, lifeless mould. 

Your love’s written up on the epitaph of my soul

‘Tis safest there…beyond my flaming hell

When my sorrow has rampaged, destroyed me whole

I hope you’ll still read it the same way as before. 

Touch me, n you’ll touch my bleeding heart

Kiss me, n you’ll hear a scream in the dark

Hold me, I’ll hurt like broken glass

Love me…coz baby… u are my last.

broken pieces

Posted March 6, 2007 by Deepti G Gujar in Mes poèmes banales

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