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I turn the key and let myself in,

The lights are out, so I think you’re sleeping…

But when I check out all the rooms,

I find your note saying you’ll be coming back soon…


No “Love you…” or “Dear…” to tell me

I’m yet close to your heart like before…. 

{ * }

I realize I’m home alone…

We’re strangers, not lovers anymore

The love’s a convenience, not a choice

We have drifted apart… and now I sense a void. 


The thought of a break-up sends a tremor thru’ me,

It’s unnerving to suddenly lose my sense of security;

But, I guess, I’ve got to let you go…


                                    ‘Coz I know absence makes the heart grow fonder… 

 I think some time apart will help us figure out

What we really want from each other…

                                                  If we’ve got anything left at all. 

{ * }

I know I am home alone…

We’re strangers living under the same roof

The house’s a convenience, not a home

My love for you exists…I know…

But I’m not sure about you anymore…

Posted March 4, 2007 by Deepti G Gujar in Mes poèmes banales

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