10 crazy things on my dream list…!   Leave a comment

10 (crazy) things i’d like to do in the next 5 yrs…


  • Take a pilgrimage down the road of San Tiago (thanks to Paulo Coelho!!).
  • Become a past-life regression therapist… taking lessons from the wonderful Dr. K Newton for the same.
  • Learn kick boxing or some form of self-defense mechanism.
  • Build my own home.
  • Adopt a child – preferably an Indian girl.
  • Learn the violin in a school of music in Vienna, Austria.
  • Travel a desert and stay there for atleast a week.(listen to the sounds of the sifting dunes)
  • Make love on a beach by moonlight! 🙂
  • Act in a foreign language film (have always desired this…!)!

Dream already achieved that was previously on my list…

  • Undergo past-life regression therapy and obtain answers to the why‘s and how‘s.

The most urgent ‘dream’ to fulfill…

Let go of my past love… and not expect him back… respect his choice of staying away forever.

Posted March 4, 2007 by Deepti G Gujar in Uncategorized

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