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Angel heeled

She had a beautiful face & made a thrilling cover story
Adored by those who didn’t know, and idolized by many
She was the Who’s Who that sold many a glossy,
She was a rebel…with all the usual glory.

But what they didn’t see was the price she’d paid,
The true events that had caused her so much pain,
The sleepless nights of anger when nothing went her way,
The silent tears for the love she sacrificed for a vision of success.

Her peers were scared and many hated her courage,
So many were jealous of the strength she radiated
Those who liked her for her honesty were inadequate
They seldom stood up for her when she was so often betrayed.

It’s not easy being a rebel…
It’s not a luxury to hold your head high,
 without pride’s taint.
It’s not a convenience to always do,
 what your heart says.
It’s not glamorous to take up ways,
 few dare to tread.

It’s not a clairvoyance to know,
      of what dreams may come.
It’s not chauvinism that makes you break,
     the hearts of loved ones.
It’s not masochism to eventually break
     yours, too, in the reach of fruition.
It just shouldn’t be called “lucky” when
     you’re #1 after walking alone over all the thorns.

Next time you see a diva with flawless persona,
Think she probably went through hell with li’l support.
Yes…she did claim the truth of her dreams eventually
But did forsake a home, a lover, or maybe a family.

And you’d think the worst is over…
But who knows what this journey will become
For so many hurdles she yet will face…
There are miles to go for this Venetian rebel.

Posted March 3, 2007 by Deepti G Gujar in Mes poèmes banales

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  1. congrats on yr first post; I have startd with the tree plantation drive thru my blog… do involve yrself in it too.

    U’ve given the blog a good look, goes with yr persona. WordPress has a lot to offer along with the readership so keep it updated because there is atleast one amongst the 6 billion who loves to read all that you write.

    Luv and Happy Holi

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